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Featured Title

Featured Title

E Pluribus Undecim

An anthology of 11 short stories by Gil Tower-Meadow

In his initial attempt at short story fiction, Gil Tower-Meadow tackles the ever-present issue of mortality from both the past and the present realms.

From five “underground stories from a city not somewhere else,” taking place in the historical cradle of the Pacific Northwest (Fort Vancouver), the author takes us to another five stories of a mirrored present where we face true confrontation with mortality.

Then, transcending the reality of mortality, Tower-Meadow brings us an eleventh story, The Cervantes Trinity, where immortality triumphs for a writer-genius.

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Featured Title

First Edition – Direct Purchase

As Opus Mei Publishers’ first title under Fiction, we are offering the initial printing of the first edition directly to our readership before points of purchase are established.

A must-have anthology for history buffs of the Pacific Northwest and more specifically the Portland-Vancouver area, Fort Vancouver and the Vancouver Barracks Cemetery.

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